Published: July 18, 2022

Kid’s/Adult’s No Gi Jiujitsu Or Gi Jiujitsu in Castle Rock

Training just no gi or gi jiujitsu can be a preference but should be explored further. There is no right or wrong answer when this question arises. At Carlson Gracie team Castle Rock we always recommend to our kids and adult students to train both. We explain to the parents that starting your kids early training both will definitely have amazing impacts in the future. There are benefits as a young kid training no gi that can help develop wrestling skills. Kids can learn to develop fast twitch muscles to gain speed for no gi matches. Kids tend to learn how to use more pressure when passing guard. There are fewer gripping opportunities in no gi which can develop tighter jiujitsu. The chokes and submissions are limited to training without the gi. At Carlson Gracie Team Castle Rock we also believe at some point the teens should be introduced to leg locks. Leg attacks are not allowed in tournaments until 18 years of age. Gradual introduction to leg locks can have lots of developmental benefits. We take high priority in teaching leg locks with emphasis on safety first. This we believe will not only help protect them in the future but also give them extraordinary control when training with others. Great Jiujitsu in Castle Rock is our main priority.

At Carlson Gracie Team Castle rock we pride ourselves in our kid’s jiujitsu competition Team. Our kid’s gi jiujitsu program is second to none. The versatility of our program excels above the rest. We begin teaching high level submissions at an early age. We see that all gyms are different, and this can have a huge impact on the kids when they decide to compete. Some gyms decide to not teach submissions until after 8-9 years of age. When competing, these kids that have not been familiarized with submissions and submission defense can be at a great disadvantage. From day one no matter the age of your child, he or she will begin to start learning all aspects of jiujitsu. There are hundreds of submissions and moves added when training in the gi. Training in the gi is sometimes compared to a chess match. There are lots of grips to choose from and the pace can be slowed down. Some believe that due to the added grips this can be tougher on the cardio side. One believes that gi and no gi jiujitsu tends to go hand and hand together and can complement each other.

For the adults the same applies when discussing the difference. At Carlson Gracie Team Castle Rock we definitely try to express how important it is to train both. This can be beneficial when cross training with other gyms. There are a lot of gyms out there who choose to teach both or may decide on doing one style only. This can prepare you for out of state training and open mats. One should keep an open mind when deciding to further their training. If you have any questions about our jiujitsu program, feel free to reach out anytime.

Published: July 18, 2022

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