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Published: January 5, 2021

How Your School Can WIN With Personal Safety


Self-defense is a cornerstone of personal safety. We have an inherent need to protect ourselves in potentially unsafe situations or when we find ourselves in unknown areas. This is a perfectly natural response, but how many of us truly know how to protect ourselves when push comes to shove? Many high schools require a single day self-defense course that is offered to students during physical education classes, but that information dissipates quickly when it isn’t continually trained.

Not only that, but this year in particular seems to have people sitting on the edge of their seats when it comes to perceived safety. According to​ SafeWise​, 46% of Americans surveyed are concerned about their personal well-being. When comparing demographics such as age, gender, and location, women have expressed the highest level of concern when it comes to becoming a potential victim of violent crime.

The preservation of self comes from a very basic and instinctual place. Fight or flight reflexes take over when one feels as though they are in the presence of danger, and in many situations, these reflexes save us from harm. Learning how to properly wield self-defense techniques will benefit your students in the long run.



While there are several options to assure your sense of security, Kicksite wants to remind gym owners and their students that martial arts skills are effective to use when in need of personal protection. These self-defense skills can be taught to almost anyone, and with a few simple moves, your students can learn how to incapacitate any attacker in a matter of seconds with enough training. This limits the need to use unnecessary excess force or the need to discharge a weapon for their own safety.

Positioning your gym as a source for people to learn how to defend themselves during a time of uncertainty is important in this type of social climate. The ​FBI’s most recent crime statistics report lower overall crime rates for the United States in 2020, but about​ 67% of recently surveyed​ Americans perceive an uptick in crime within their area. This could most likely be attributed to overexposure of the excess of media attention on violent crime, but it is always important to present martial arts as a preferred alternative to more extreme measures.


The WIN Initiative is designed with our objective in its name, it’s designed to help you win! We want our gym owners to succeed in the best ways possible by bringing them the resources they need to inspire their students. Bringing new and old faces back to your gym is always our end goal, and we plan on doing just that with this initiative. To see all of our most recent WIN Initiative resources, click here!

Published: January 5, 2021

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