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About Us

At The Rock Jiu Jitsu Team, we make rock-solid jiu jitsu available in a clean, safe and family-friendly environment. We believe that jiu jitsu changes lives in a way that nothing else can. We are a place where everyone can enjoy the life-transforming benefits that come from training jiu jitsu. At our academy, everyone is welcome and our team is ready to welcome you to a community like no other.

We are an affiliate of the world-renowned Tom DeBlass. We teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced jiu jitsu to kids and adults. At The Rock, we all learn jiu jitsu together and we enjoy every bit of it. Authenticity, efficiency, and safety are very important to us, we make sure every student learns authentic jiu jitsu at an efficient pace, while staying safe. Classes are taught by coaches that love jiu jitsu, and have a passion for sharing jiu jitsu with the community. We bring new meaning to the jiu jitsu community in Castle Rock. If you are looking for a fun and friendly place to train, come see us! We look forward to meeting you!

About Jiu Jitsu

Jiu jitsu both humbles and emboldens; it helps us better understand our weaknesses and learn how to best use our strengths. Jiu jitsu is something that can change the world for the better. Community is very important to The Rock Jiu Jitsu Team, every student and their potential is valued. Our instructors are here to guide, instruct, and motivate our team to be the best they can be and impact Castle Rock in a positive way. We aim to help our team be confident leaders in the sport and in their communities. 

  • Self Confidence

    Belief in ones self and their abilities. To be willing to face challenges and use their abilities to overcome them.
  • Discipline

    Willingness to continue to improve skills when things become challenging.
  • Respect

    Holding high regard and recognition of ones abilities, qualities, and achievements. Having value for what something or someone has to offer.
  • Patience

    Ability to stay calm and give attention when things become challenging or there is no immediate response.
  • Community

    Meaningful fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.


  • Can’t say enough about this gym. Whether you’re into competing or just want to get in some great training with great people, this is the spot.



  • If you’re looking a premier Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing school I would recommend this school. Also very chill vibe and always get a lot of rounds in!



  • Great addition to Castle Rock. The training is well balanced: it is great for people who are new to jiujitsu/martial arts



  • The kickboxing, muay thai and functional fitness are amazing. Theres a separate area for the privacy which I like. The bathrooms are really nice and the facility is super clean.